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Executive and Entrepreneurial Coach
in Midlothian, TX

Are you an entrepreneur or executive seeking a transformative approach to personal and professional growth? Are you interested in ways to help your employees work as a thriving team while maintaining the happiness that comes from a fulfilling, balanced personal life outside of work?

Jacqueline Campbell of Restoring Minds Wellness, is an Emotional Intelligence Coach for Entrepreneurs and Executives who has developed programs for both individuals and leadership teams that integrate neuroscience, human psychology, and social dynamics to promote a balanced nervous system in individuals, thus promoting personal and team growth.

As an entrepreneur or an executive, you may find yourself constantly juggling multiple responsibilities and striving for success in both your personal and professional life. Jackie’s coaching program guides you over hurdles you may have been facing for a long time such as high stress, burnout, and overwhelm.

Jackie can empower you to replace these difficult areas with a healthy balance that produces the clarity, strategies, and confidence needed for you to excel in your career while maintaining the delicate balance required to regulate your personal and work life as a whole.

The fast-paced and demanding corporate world calls for emotional intelligence as a crucial skill for success. Healthy emotional intelligence empowers you with: 

  • Integration of Competing Responsibilities - It will allow you to integrate competing personal and professional settings, harmonizing the demands of both domains.
  • Effective Relationship Management - You will be enabled to navigate challenges, manage relationships effectively, and build strong connections with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders along with improving those at home.
  • Informed Decision-Making - Our services teach the ability to make informed decisions by considering both rational and emotional aspects, leading to better outcomes.
  • Emotional Regulation - Understanding and regulating your emotions allows you to respond to situations with clarity and composure, minimizing impulsive reactions.
  • Empathy and Understanding - Developing emotional intelligence fosters empathy, enabling you to understand and relate to others' perspectives and experiences.
  • Clear and Empathetic Communication - Jackie's coaching enhances your communication skills, allowing you to express yourself clearly, listen attentively, and respond with empathy and understanding.
  • Conflict Resolution - You will learn effective conflict resolution, enabling you to navigate disagreements and find mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Stress Management - A strong emotional foundation supports stress management, helping you cope with pressure and maintain well-being in high-demand environments.
  • Leadership Excellence - Leaders with emotional intelligence inspire and motivate their teams, foster a positive work environment, and drive organizational success.

Jackie’s executive coaching is results-based. She integrates all aspects of the human social, emotional, and professional dynamics for success. With her guidance, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery, uncovering the alignment necessary to thrive in all areas of your life.


Corporate Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Training

Once you are well on your way to balanced wellness, you’ll want to invite your team to share in your success. Jackie offers Corporate Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Training for your entire organization. In our 3-6 month programs, your leadership team and subordinates will be learning The Four Pillars of Wellness:
  • Mental and Emotional Balance
  • Physical and Energetic Balance
  • Communication with Self and Others
  • Self-discipline

This group training helps your team thrive individually and drives the overall evolution of your business. This will focus on many of the same elements that make up our personal coaching with an additional focus on team collaboration. This approach from a group perspective, promotes teamwork and productivity by fostering positive relationships, trust, and effective collaboration among team members.

We offer customized plans depending on the time commitment you can make for your business. Find information online, or contact Jackie. Reach out today for help with integrating your values, passions, and well-being into your team’s pursuits, allowing you to create a fulfilling and sustainable path to success for your professional organization.


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